Unashay Home is 10 acres and several living structuresin Abiquiu, New Mexico. It is covered by cottonwoods, sage, yucca, willow, juniper and runs along the El Rito Creek, ("Little River") from the nearby Chama River. 

Unashay is Cherokee for "Singing River" from Aimee Wilson's birthplace of Tennessee. According to Cherokee legend, they believed a muse lived in the river and sang songs to them. The nearby Yuchie people described the flowing waters as a woman singing. In times of low water, she sang sweetly and when the water raged, she sounded loud and angry. In the spirit of this legend, Aimee wishes to continue listening, moving and building from this river cry. 

As of now, Unashay hosts intimate gatherings, music performances and serves as a safe space for creating and healing for ALL. We are embarking upon several projects  over the next couple years. Stay tuned for more friends.

For rental/booking inquiries, see Space Use &/or write.