Aimee Wilson 

Singing and writing on the edge of herself lures Aimee Wilson and her listeners into the center of all that is real. Songs often begin as petitions within the heart seeking to find consent inside the music itself. The music unfolds in a process that mimics that of nature: birthed from places of fragility and ascending to bursts of praise. The performers and listeners become extensions of that process.

Her new album Unto Us The Sun marks Aimee’s continuing development as an artist more confident in her own voice and the mystery at work through her music. Songs have developed over eight years as she ventured forth and found herself met in her music. As Aimee worked in a safe haven for chronically homeless women she encountered courageous, strong, but broken spirits. The remarkable power inside these women deeply moved her. Her songs pulse with loss, exposure, and exile that purge and refine the purest parts of us. Her music seeks to uncover the glory enfleshed in our deepest need.


“In complex, globally inflected songs, she chronicles nature’s vivid outbursts, our shared struggles for hope and connection, and the paradoxes that birth real joy.”    — rock paper scissors, inc.

“Aimee Wilson is like an alternate-reality Gillian Welch. American “roots” in country-folk are readily discernible, but her groundwaters run deeper…”   — Popmatters

“Aimee Wilson’s new album is inspired by the Sacred Harp, a Protestant tradition of unaccompanied vocal singing that can be heard here in its uncut form in the traditional “Detroit”. The other songs here are her own, and the Sacred Harp singing is set against the playing of her band, including hurdy-gurdy and Chinese erhu, and Wilson’s own singing, thick, quivering in ecstasy and utterly committed.” — Financial Times (4/5 Stars)

“The music ebbs and flows like the sea; calm and chaotic all at once. The powerful vocals shake the song and create a haunting tension as it builds to a finale.”   — Splinters & Candy

“…Noveau medieval meets introspective folk.”  — Off-Center Views

“This is indeed music to awaken your souls."   — Sojourners

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