Full Retreat Early Registration, (not including camping)


Full Retreat Early Registration, (not including camping)


This is the early registration price for the Full Retreat (including tax), starting Thursday Aug 9th, 6:30pm through Sunday, Aug 12th at noon.

The cost covers participation in all sessions, meetings and (if one chooses) more personal, integration work with Rev. Shaman Sandra Chestnutt.

Full access to our outdoor kitchen space (including water and basic cooking amenities) and 2 compost toilet outhouses are available. With the exception of light breakfasts, coffee/ tea in the mornings- ALL guests are expected to bring or buy their own food at nearby restaurants. Aimee will gladly direct you to her local favs!

All guests are expected to arrange separate camping, nearby Airbnb or Inn accommodation for themselves. For an extra $50 fee, we can host campers on the land or for $150, offer our huge Lotus Belle Tent for lodging all 3 nights, which can sleep 6. (See separate options in the store to reserve your spot).

As written on the retreat page, this 4-day period will be deeply enriched with the grounded, intuitive guidance of Courtney Webb, myself and Rev. Shaman Sandra Chestnutt. We consider the retreat cost a way of reciprocating what we are sharing.

As of July 1- cost will rise to $349
And door cost Aug 9-10 will be $399

And lastly, I (Aimee) will totally consider scholarships for those who really feel drawn to participate, but can’t afford it. Write me at redfactorye@gmail.com and let’s talk.

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