group retreats


group retreats


land, space + living accommodation for artist and groups in need of safe ground to hold gatherings, trainings, solo creative retreats, group creative retreats, or just a place to rest.


* Mongolian Yurt (for gathering, learning, movement + meditation space)
* outdoor kitchen (& all utensils, amenities)
* 10 acres of roaming ground
* outhouse
* if folks choose, for extra fees, they can rent 2 additional homes on the land (with all amenities, within walking distance of other spaces).
* lots of camping ground, (w/ access to bath/ shower facilities)

Different tiers

* Whole package- all of Unashay Home

Including 2 two-story homes, Mongolian yurt, outdoor kitchen, extra outhouse and land use
* Yurt space, kitchen and outhouse

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